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SSDI is funded by the social security taxes that have been withheld from your payroll checks throughout your employment in the workforce. The more you work and earn the more you may be entitled to when you are disabled.  To be eligible for SSDI, you must have physical or mental problems, or a combination of problems severe enough to keep you from working in any regular paying job for at least 12 months.

SSI Is a program based upon need intended to help those individuals who would not qualify for SSDI. You may be eligible for SSI benefits even if you have worked just a few years or never worked at all!The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. Supplemental Security Income is a benefit program for people with low incomes who are also either disabled, blind or over 65. You may also be entitled to SSI if your Social Security benefits are below a certain minimum level.​

​The Odds of Winning an SSD or SSI Disability Without Legal Help regardless of whether a claimant has legal representation or not, denials typically happen in a vast majority of Social Security Disability SDI/SSD). Consider getting a Social Security attorney to assist you with your claim. Many initial applications are denied simply because information was missing, not clearly conveyed or have no idea to properly and thoroughly prepare a disability case for a hearing.   An attorney advocate or representative has a high level of familiarity and expertise with Social Security rules and regulations.  Not only will you have a better chance of winning, a social security lawyer will file all of your paperwork, ensure that deadlines are not missed, and provide medical record updates to the Social Security office, or directly to the DDS examiner ​ who has been assigned to review the case.

We get it that being injured impacts every aspect of your life.  Workers’ compensation law and social security law can be confusing.   Let us help you understand your legal options and rights.  The Law Offices of Keith A. Seagull's purpose is to give you the best possible legal representation resulting in the best possible outcome for you.  We understand that you are already under a great deal of stress and we don't want to add to it.  We offer a free consultation and you will meet directly with Attorney Keith A. Seagull.  We have been in practice since 1994 and offer you personal, confidential, friendly, yet professional legal advise.  Call us today for your free legal consultation.



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Workers' compensation is an insurance program (required by state law) which provides payment to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illness. Eligible employees receive compensation for lost work and medical bills, regardless of who was at fault; in exchange, employees forfeit the right to sue their employers for the illness or injury.  ​A workers’ compensation claim is not a lawsuit against your employer; it is simply a request for insurance benefits.

​We understand complex injuries and cumulative injuries as well as other types of workplace injuries. Our goal in every case is to help our clients get the medical care and workers' compensation benefits they deserve.

If your workers' compensation insurance company has denied you medical care or a medical testing procedure CONTACT US.  Discuss your case with no cost and no obligation.

If you have a workers' compensation total disability claim, you may also be able to obtain Social Security Disability benefits as well.  The Law Office of Keith A. Seagull is highly experienced in cases involving combined workers' compensation total disability and Social Security Disability claims.

Our objective is to provide superior and thoughtful representation to all our clients.  The members of our law firm are sensitive to the injured, ill or disabled and our goal is ensuring each client obtains the most appropriate medical care necessary, and ultimately, negotiate the most favorable settlement and provide caring and thoughtful representation to all our clients.

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